Did you notice all the pink-black posters which appeared on the campus?

Students of AIT, as regional leader in sustainable development, decided to


Students of Gender & Development and Student Union collect stories of AIT’s young voices about an inspiring woman in their life, to raise awareness about the important role that woman have in their family and society. Between the Library and the SU Snack bar you will find a rope of solidarity with all stories which will hang from Wednesday March 8 (International Women’s Day) until Wednesday March 22nd.




Before the start, the main coordinators, Thida and Wendy, asked 14 mostly male students to share a story in front of camera. Some stories are used for the video, which was published on AIT’s facebook page on March 8th, International Women’s Day, and others are used for the posters, which you can also access here. Everyone can submit stories until March 20th via this typeform. This event is supported by Gender and Development Studies, SU Gender & Culture, OMCO and OFAM.

“Take care that this does not come a Happy Mother’s Campaign”

They also visited the faculty members of Gender & Development Studies for financial support (to print the posters), who asked to take care that the campaign would not become a “Happy Mother’s Campaign”. You can be an inspiring woman without being a mother. Often men and women talk about how women -mothers and housewives- sacrifice themselves for their husbands and sons. Often Thida and Wendy asked their interviewees beforehand to not share story about their mother, to have more diversity and to take care that all sorts of inspiring women are celebrated.