Francisca is a graduate, engineering (mining)  from the best university in Chile who is doing her internship in AIT from March until July 2017. Here is her experience of her first day.  

franMy first day in AIT campus has been not as I expected. I was ready to feel an “everything is different” sensation, a sense that I belonged somewhere else, the thought of missing the comfort of the known place. But I was welcomed with a totally different feeling, that it was ok to be here, I didn’t feel like I was at the other side of the world.

Well, to be honest a bit of that sensation struck me when I tried Indian food at the snack bar… boy I realized how much I’m not used to spicy food. And yeah, I know, it is not that spicy.

I also noticed that my brain is a bit slower and that I want to sleep all day, I’d like to say is because of the jet lag, but maybe bad sleeping habits and having to use another language is part of the cause. I guess in a few days we’ll know.

I already used the public transportation (a near death experience situation as the window next to where we were sitting exploded), tried Japanese food on a restaurant in Future Park and a smoothie in So Good.

Next in my check list are Bangladeshi food and a coffee in Hom  Krun.